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Founded in 1964, FGM is a manufacturer of low loader semi-trailers. Located in Frosinone, Italy and operating on an area of 15,000 m2, the firm is a 100% family owned business that has reached its third generation.

As of 2019 FGM employs 40 people, annual turnover is at 8.2 mln Euro with an annual compound growth rate of 14% over the last 3 years.

Export sales represent approximately 80% of the company total revenues.

Key points

  1. Major player for the construction of  truck transporters and rescue trailers, having so far the largest products offering in this segment up to 8 models in the EU market.
  2. The brand is very well recognized for its top quality/price ratio established on making semi low loaders with useful payload between 20 to 60 ton.
  3. Customized trailers that are requested for special transport tasks are a daily operation here at FGM.